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Stack Rock ‘break-in’ raises LNG safety concerns



The owner of one of the Milford Haven waterway’s most well known landmarks has raised concerns that a suspected break-in at his island fortress means that the LNG jetty may not be as well protected as once first thought.

On August 19 owner Gary Phillips says he was shocked to hear from a friend who happened to be sailing past Stack Rock on Saturday that the door was open and appeared to be damaged. The doors were secured with industrial grade padlocks.
Gary Philips told the Herald: “It seems incredible that this could have happened, as sites near the LNG jetty are protected 24 hours a day by MI5 and the police. Whenever I visit the fort in my boat, special force police are right there in minutes asking my what I am doing.”
“I called the police but was refused contact details for the LNG marine protection squad both at Milford police station and at Carmarthen HQ. I was contacted later and told that the police had carried out an inspection of the fort” he continued.
“The officer told me that because of the rusty condition of the door fittings the wind must have forced it open; but that didn’t sound right so I went to the fort this morning to see for myself. There was an industrial grade lock and hasp. The door is still on its hinges and there is evidence that the lock has taken a hammering and the hasp has been hacksawed in two. Whoever broke in must have had the right kit for the job with them and made a hell of a noise – the place was locked up like a fortress. I just don’t understand how it could happen right under their noses” he said.
Gary Philips slammed the lack of police action: “What concerns me is the police put it down to wind after a site inspection. If that’s the quality of their investigative powers, then they’re in serious need of retraining. These LNG sites pose a real risk if anyone attacks them.”
A email was forwarded to The Herald from investigating officer Mike Brown. It read: “The metal clasp and one of the padlocks had broken off, I could see no other signs of forced entry, tool marks etc, and it is my opinion that this damage was a result of years and years of corrosion on the metal which finally gave way, potentially in recent high winds
Police spokesman Antony Topazio said “Following the report of an incident at Stack Rock Fort, which was reported to police on August 20, Dyfed-Powys Police attended the facility and no further action will be taken.”
Gary Philips concluded: “You can see clearly from the photos that the lock has been hacked or ground off”. He has owned the fort for eight years having purchased it for £150,000.
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Police appeal following five burglaries



DYFED-POWYS POLICE is appealing for information that could help their investigation into five burglaries in the Solva and St Davids areas.

They are thought to have happened between 8pm and midnight on Sunday, September 30. Cash, jewellery and a mobile phone were stolen.

A witness has described seeing a man wearing tracksuit bottoms in the area at the time. He may have been a passenger in a small silver car.

A man (aged 32) and woman (aged 39) from Cardiff have been arrested on suspicion of burglary. The woman has been released under investigation while the man has been recalled to prison for a separate offence.

The investigation is ongoing, anyone who saw anything, or has any information is asked to contact Sgt. Huw Watson at Haverfordwest Police Station by calling 101.

If you are Deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired text the non-emergency number on 07811 311 908.

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Milford Haven: Rescuers attend to ‘females on roof’



POLICE have been dealing with a 999 call from the Mount Estate, Milford Haven this evening (Oct 15), following concerns for the welfare for a woman who was straddling the ridge of the roof of a three storey building.

The unnamed person was described as in her thirties with a ponytail.

The Fire Service and an ambulance were also dispatched to the scene after a second female also got onto the roof at around 5.50pm The Herald was told. The incident took place on Chestnut Way.

The resident who called the police asked not to be named but told The Herald: “I called the police because I saw her on the roof and I was really worried she may fall off, it’s extremely high.

“I had trouble with the signal on my phone but eventually got through and not long after a police van arrived.”

Both the women were off the roof as the Herald reporter arrived, and were being dealt with by emergency workers inside the building.

Another resident on the estate told The Herald that her children had heard the women swearing from the roof.
Around 20 residents, including many young children were on the street watching the drama unfold.

Chestnut Way residents look on at the unfolding incident (Pic: Herald)

The incident took place on the roof of this building on Chestnut Way (Pic Herald)

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Letterston: Man jailed after £10,000 blackmail plot



A LETTERSTON man tried to blackmail £10,000 from a man who had sexual activity with him when they were both children.

Peter Williams, aged 49, threatened to “put it all over Facebook and ruin your life.”

Williams, of Station Road, admitted blackmail.

Judge Paul Thomas said it was an exceptional case and jailed Williams for 15 months but suspended the sentence for 18 months. Williams must also complete 20 sessions of rehabilitation and 200 hours of unpaid work for the community.

Swansea Crown Court heard that Williams was four years younger than the other man and when they were schoolboys they engaged in sexual touching.

Although in the years later they saw each other around Cardigan from time to time they were never friends.

Helen Randall, prosecuting, said that on November 1 last year the man received a telephone call from Williams “out of the blue.”

Williams told him, “You ruined my childhood. You were older. I’ve been reading the papers. It is what you owe me.

“I want ten thousand pounds or I will put it all over Facebook.”

When told that was blackmail Williams replied, “Call it what you want. I call it hush money.”

The man went to see a solicitor who advised him to contact the police.

The following morning Williams called again, this time leaving a message saying, “It’s not going away. I will come in and make a scene.”

Williams was arrested.

Miss Randall said the man was questioned by the police about Williams’ allegations of sexual activity. He agreed there had been contact by mutual consent.

There was a dispute, she added, about how old they had been at the time, but in the event the Crown Prosecution Service had decided not to take any action over the matter.

Ian Ibrahim, Williams’ barrister, said he should have gone to the police with his complaints and not resorted to blackmail.

Judge Thomas said it was a serious matter and would normally warrant an immediate jail sentence.

“Blackmail is an ugly offence.

“There is no doubt you were sexually abused by him when young and you have been brooding excessively about this.

“It was blackmail but it was very amateurish,” he added.

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